Limestone Coast Rainwater Tanks, Sheds & Trailers

Aqua Steel Industries was established by David and Mandy in 1986 as South East Sheetmetal Works. Their primary aim at that time was to provide quality rainwater tanks and custom sheetmetal fabrication service that had up until that time not been available in the area.

The business grew at a rapid rate over the next 10 years encompassing a wider range of services including a marine, fishing and outdoors component so much so that a name change was required to reflect this along with an expansion in 2000, so South East Sheetmetal Works became Aqua Steel Industries.

The diversity of products and services Aqua Steel Industries provides is what makes the business so unique. With over 30 years of service and experience in the trade, providing excellent service and quality products to our customers, why don’t you find out for yourself why the customers of Aqua Steel Industries keep coming back time and time again?

Enjoy yourselves, click on the tabs and have a wander around this website you’ll be surprised at what you find and if you want to know more contact us for more information on the products and services that we offer.